51 Years and a Doggy Bathtime

51 Years and a Doggy Bathtime

Is it me or has anyone else noticed that ‘they’ have been fiddling about with Windows on your computer? 

I seem to keep seeing different things when I’m using my laptop, unless I’m having a lot of senior moments and that’s always possible knowing me. Anyway, I eventually managed to get where I wanted to be to type my blog so here goes.

We had a lovely quiet anniversary on Sunday, 51 years it doesn’t seem possible, it only seems like yesterday to me when we had all our life opening up in front of us and now we are at the other end, yuk, but at least we are here and together.

Chrissie and Derek on their wedding day

As the weather was so grotty until it was getting too late to go anywhere with it being Sunday as well, we decided to chill out and relax. That was after our domestic jobs had been done, like feeding the men!

Jane used our new iron after dinner and as you will probably see by yesterdays blog which includes the short video I took while she was using it, she has taken to it like a duck to water. You can read yesterdays blog here.

She assures me it’s the same, although speaking for myself who is dead from the neck up when it comes to anything technical or different, it didn’t look like it to me with the buttons in a different place and the self cleaning thing. Well, I hope it doesn’t do its cleaning thing when I’m in charge. It seemed louder to me when it was heating its steam up, but Jane was tickled with it thank goodness, so I’ll just have to push my uselessness on to one side and get on with it. Oh eck!


Kevin and I decided that as it was not really fit to go out, we would bath the dogs.

Bathtime for two dogs

Yes Kevin and I, as Jane runs for the hills when I mention bathing them due to them not coping very well when they were younger and their legs were at their worst. Like they buckled under them when shampoo was washed into their fur.

I couldn’t contemplate himself helping me as his reactions are so slow that they would probably have drowned by the time that he got round to deciding what to do with them, and that’s no good is it! When I went down to my bathroom, Kevin had already got prepared with old towels that I keep for just such a job as cleaning or bathing them, so I fetched the shampoo and off we went, although Koko was all for scooting back upstairs at the sign of all the towels and the bathroom door being open!

I have a handy shower head fastened to my tap and it pulls out of its place and you can use it for shampooing your hair and rinsing it off, all sorts really and it’s very good for bathing the dogs and getting the soap out of their hair. It’s not a shower head for a proper shower it’s an as-well-as. So with an old towel in the bottom of the bath so they don’t go skiing on the bottom when they are shampooed, I got Muffin nice and wet and off I went with the soap.

Muffin wasn’t too impressed, and after having a good shake while in the bath and drowning us and the walls, I got him done and Kevin and I between us dried my poor little wet through dog – although the water was lovely and warm for them, not that they mind as they seem to enjoy the warmth.

Next we had to go and play hide and seek with Koko who was doing his best to look invisible although out of the two I would say he is the least bother and just stands there as though to say ‘get on with it for goodness sake!’ By now, Kevin had cottoned on to the idea that every time I picked the shampoo bottle up which was full and heavy, with wet hands, I was dropping it everywhere along with water, so he came up with this brilliant idea that he would hold the shampoo and squeeze it onto my hand when I needed it, now why didn’t I think of that, dope!

Eventually Koko was declared lovely and clean so again we set off drying the poor little thing, who then escaped as fast as he could back upstairs to find Muffin, and Jane who was waiting with the hair dryer, while I cleaned up.

Kevin had wanted to bath the dogs the day before to which I said with a horrified look on my face, ‘not likely I’ve just given the bathroom a good clean’ and the thought of all the water everywhere after I’d been scrubbing and polishing it was too much to bear, so when I had finished with the dogs, I think he got it why I said no the day before!

Water was everywhere, with wet hairy towels all over the floor as though a teenager had thrown them there, something I’ve never allowed so I quickly got them back into the kitchen to deal with when I’d finished tidying up. Back in ‘the wet room’ which it’s not, but could have done with being, I set to and mopped up after my two mucky pups.

I was wet, the bathroom was wet, as were the dogs, but Kevin was bone dry, now how did he manage that I wonder? But never mind, I have two beautifully soft fluffy dogs to look at, although I don’t think they cared one jot whether they were clean or not, but they didn’t get their afternoon nap poor things. I could have done with one after all that bending, I don’t know about them, but it’s a job well done and out of the way!

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