£10,000 for Young Adults

£10,000 for Young Adults

In today’s blog I’m having a chunter. First, another chunter about the young farmers, then about the £10,000 for young adults. Which it seems that us oldies are going to foot the bill for!

Young Farmers

It seems that I wasn’t the only one who was angry at the behaviour of some of the young farmers last weekend, because reading the letters page in the Gazette it seems that a lot more people were of a similar opinion to me. Decent people can’t or shouldn’t condone their behaviour as it’s unacceptable anywhere, not just our town.

There’s letting your hair down and letting your down isn’t there. It baffles me why they think they can come to Blackpool and do what they think they can do, not thinking of the consequences of their actions.

Frightening families with children and antagonising motorists, regardless of the damage they cause, is not acceptable behaviour. I wonder how they would feel if we descended on their towns and did the same. No doubt there would be an outcry of ‘we aren’t having any of that carry on here’ so why is it OK to do that to our town and give it an even worse name than some people already think it has. Someone should be held responsible for their loutish behaviour, but guess what, I bet they get away with it scot free don’t you!

If you’re interested, you can read my previous blog on the subject here.

£10,000 for Young Adults

While I’m having a bit of a chunter, I feel I must agree with the person who sent a letter to the Gazette about the £10,000 for young adults.

When Derek read it out from The Times, I nearly choked on my cornflakes (I don’t eat cornflakes so that would be hard to do wouldn’t it, but you get the drift). I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and while I don’t get involved in politics, I have to say what a daft idea someone has thought up now.

Of course a ‘think tank’ has been set up and said that the Baby Boomer generation have never had it so good and should contribute to the Millennial generation, by way of increasing National Insurance and tax to pay for it.

I agree with the author of the letter that he and others of our generation are getting sick and tired that we are continually being punished for working hard when we were younger, saving hard and generally not spending money that we didn’t have.

Yes, younger people may be struggling to buy homes but it’s not our fault, we didn’t run massive credit card bills up buying things we couldn’t pay for. Didn’t run up debts buy expensive cars or take out payday loans and all the rest of things that it seems OK to do today.

We worked hard, saved what we could and bought things when we could afford them. Buying things on credit wasn’t something we did unless absolutely pushed to it as there was a stigma to HP in those days. Whereas today people hock themselves up to the hilt for anything and everything, without a thought of long term consequences. When we got married we paid for everything that we had up front, leaving in our case about a pound left in our savings.

No carpets for us

We didn’t have carpets and all the things that today’s generation expect. We saved to furnish our home room by room when we could afford it. It seemed to take forever but we did appreciate it, not half!

Giving a £10,000 lump sum to a generation who don’t seem to know how to budget and could happily go out and spend the lot on something daft is daft. It’s as daft as when the government brought in Universal Credit and started paying housing benefit to claimants instead of landlords. How many times have people been in trouble because of it as they spend the money on whatever they want, and many landlords are now in trouble too because they don’t get the rent paid.

As an older generation person, I can’t see the sense in the idea of £10,000 for young adults. Who on earth thinks we should pay all this money out in taxes and National Insurance when we have worked our backs off and gone without for the best part of our lives. Should we really start paying for a generation who haven’t got a clue about moderation? A lot of the Baby Boomers aren’t in a situation where they have money to throw away but we never hear of pensioners getting help. It’s a case of they’re old, so what, in a lot of cases.

We may be old now, but we were all young once and had hopes and dreams, but we didn’t get £10,000 thrown at us. We got zilch from anyone, nor did we expect it. That is the key for me, so many people today expect someone else to pick up the tab for their recklessness, so why when we have been careful all our life should we be made to pay for another generation.

I must say, that not everyone is alike before the wrath of the Gods descend on me. There are a lot of responsible people out there who do the right thing which is great. Equally there are a lot who don’t give a care where the money comes from as long as they are on the receiving end. The problem with this world that we have created is that people now expect more and more. It’s time we got tougher and started teaching people about money and budgeting and saving. Not give money away.

I’d better go and jump in a cold bath now to get rid of the steam that’s coming out of the top of my head!!

What do you think?

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  1. I am absolutely gobsmacked the government are looking to give millennials £10k!!! I know plenty of people older than this generation who have never managed to get onto the property ladder. I feel society is really molly coddling the younger generation. As we are becoming more of a throw away society they do not appreciate things in life as we did. Everything seems to be getting handed to them on a plate.

  2. Odd how we can’t find the money desperately needed to prop up the NHS (a service that young and old need) , or find enough money to put Policemen back on the beat, yet someone thinks we should give 10 grand per person to ANY section of society !!!

    It’s estimated that this madness would cost the country (for that read taxpayers) around £180 BILLION.

    We could either throw £180 BILLION into the wind to see where it lands (most of it would never been seen again) or we could build approx 500 new Hospitals, or we could give our 690,000 Nurses Midwives etc a £25,000 a year pay rise for the next 10 years and still have enough change to put a few more Bobbies back on the beat !!!

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