No Fake News Here

No Fake News Here

There’s a lot of talk in the media about ‘Fake News’ – and as lots of reliable media sources state their position on sharing accurate information, we thought we’d state ours too. 

You can find Fake News all over the place – it’s on social media of all kinds, websites, printed media and even on TV.

Some of it is designed to create controversy. Some of the online kind is what’s called ‘click bait’ – sensational headlines that are designed to get you to click through to websites – they can be for fairly benign reasons and to drive traffic, or it can be to send you to malicious websites of a hundred different kinds.

At Visit Fylde Coast we will always endeavour to provide you with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The content which is published on Visit Fylde Coast is all moderated and checked for accuracy.

Visit Fylde Coast isn’t a ‘news’ product in the traditional sense of the word. We don’t report on local and national matters, we aren’t a ‘news’ channel. Most of our content is what you’d call ‘magazine’ type – information about our local towns and villages, what’s happening there, the people and community groups who live in them. There’s occasionally information, comment and opinion pieces via blogs about how national subjects affect us at a local level – particularly in areas like health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Apart from in the context of such opinion pieces and blogs, pages within the Visit Fylde Coast websites are based on factual information which will come from a variety of sources. When we aren’t sure about a fact (for example in a historical context) we will say so and ask if readers can provide clarification.

Content provided by advertisers is their responsibility, but even then it will be moderated by admin for fairness and accuracy.

Trusted Source

Our policy regarding ‘Fake News’, twisting the truth, missing half of the information – call it whatever you will – isn’t new. We will always provide you with balanced and fair content and always strive to provide accurate information which can be trusted.

When we make a mistake and get something wrong (and we will from time to time, everyone does), we will let you know and put it right at the first opportunity.

This means that you can rely on us to be a trusted source of information.

It also means that if you would like to use our channels to advertise your business you can rely on us not to be sharing anything else which is contentious, incorrect or indeed ‘Fake’ which is likely to cause your brand any reputational damage by association.

Not only that, we don’t serve up syndicated adverts from sources like Google Adwords or similar, over which no publisher would have complete control. All of our content comes through our own front door.

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No Fake News at Visit Fylde Coast

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