Advertise with Visit Fylde Coast

Advertise with Visit Fylde Coast

People are looking for your business. Make it easy for them to find when you advertise with Visit Fylde Coast. It’s the digital media product with great reach, solid engagement and a good reputation, that’s relied on by people who love this amazing place. Oh, and it’s not just for tourists either!

Make your business visible when you advertise with Visit Fylde Coast

Visit Fylde Coast includes:

We’ve built a range of options for you to advertise with Visit Fylde Coast which give your business good exposure. By far and away the best way to acquire customers is to engage them with your business. When they get to know what you do and like what they see, they’re more likely to pay you a visit. Whether they spend any money is up to you when they get there!

  • Can’t currently see a category which would suit you? We’ll create one! And just think – you might have it all to yourself for a while too!

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The Rabbit Patch is a marketing business so we’ve created advertising which works. We’ll give you a place where your customers will see you and get to know you.

  • Choose our great value and very affordable annual advertising which keeps your business visible all the time. And remember, if people don’t see you they will forget you!
  • Or pick a short term ad if you’ve not got as much to say, only want to advertise one thing, or just want to give Visit Fylde Coast a try.

Plus – networking is one of our skills here at Visit Fylde Coast. We always support our friends and the people who support us, and we’ll also help you offline where we can.

Advertising Policy

The Rabbit Patch Ltd publish the Visit Fylde Coast websites, social media pages and weekly email newsletter. This work is funded by advertising revenue. We are not publicly funded.

We seek out and accept advertising from local and national companies which meet our own brand values, and will avoid promoting those who don’t.

Apart from the options listed above, advertising can take the form of sponsorship, partnership or any other individual project of your own creation. Please send an email or ring Jane on 07932 143431 to discuss.

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Premium Package

At £520 it’s the best value advertising that you’ll find – £10 week / £43.33 month (+vat)

Have a look at an advert here
Find our Events Calendar here

All of this is included:
– multiple pages in relevant categories on all 8 websites
– unlimited event listings
– email newsletter entry once a month
– posts to each of Facebook, Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn each month
– fully managed package where all updates are carried out for you
– full client editing access is provided
– twelve month contract term
– monthly standing order available

Six month contract term also available:
– exactly the same benefits as above
– £310.00 + VAT
– payable in a single installment prior to advert being placed

Get in touch for a copy of the current Visit Fylde Coast media pack

“This is just a quick note to say thank you for producing a great website. I can’t actually remember when I discovered this site, but it must have been within the last year. I think it’s a really well put together website. I live in Blackpool and have done for most of my life and it’s great to have a site that lets us know what’s going on and when.

Today for example, I went to Rossall Point Observation Tower on my day off to do a bit of bird and marine life watching (although sadly I didn’t see any marine life!). If I hadn’t seen this on your website, I would never have known it was happening. I didn’t even know what Rossall Point Observation Tower was! Anyway, that was the purpose of this short e-mail, just to say thanks for all the hard work that must go in to producing such a great site.

Best wishes, and look forward to using the site in the years to come. Hope more people can discover and use it too. I’m thinking of going to the Jazz afternoon at the North Euston hotel next week because of your website. Other places should get involved and get on to the events page. It’s great that you can see everything that is happening on a particular day.”

Mid Range Package

Just £260 per year – that’s only £5 per week / £21.66 per month (+vat)

Have a look at an advert here
Find our Events Calendar here

All of this is included:
– multiple pages in relevant categories on all 8 websites
– unlimited event listings
– full client editing access provided
– your updates moderated with links shared to Facebook and Twitter
– twelve month contract term
– monthly standing order available

Six month contract term also available:
– exactly the same benefits as above
– £180.00 + VAT
– payable in a single installment prior to advert being placed

Get in touch for a copy of the current Visit Fylde Coast media pack

“Just wanted to let you know that I very much appreciate the time & effort you’ve all so tirelessly put in to the recent updates you’ve made to your sites. Please know the dedicated work you so expertly carry out on a daily basis for the good of the community is not just appreciated by locals but by me, living 200 miles away. Your passion & love for the area you live in is evident. That is so admirable & I hope appreciated by many.”

Entry Level Package

£95 per year – equivalent to just £1.82 per week

Have a look at an advert here
Find our Events Calendar here

Business listing with your entry across all the Visit Fylde Coast family
– multiple pages in relevant categories on all 8 websites
– add your information and forget about it (mid-term updates chargeable at £10 each, no charge for changes at renewal)
– initial page set up for you
– twelve month contract term

Get in touch for a copy of the current Visit Fylde Coast media pack

“Can I thank you once again for getting the Rotary Xmas Collection dates added to the usual local web sites. I know that you are organised and I can count on you for getting things done straight away. I know from feedback that a lot of people have been on Visit Cleveleys and the Events Calendar, so getting our Xmas Collection dates uploaded now should let people know when Santa is going to be around the Thornton & Cleveleys areas.”


Event Listing – £25 (+vat)

Find our Events Calendar here

– rate for all commercial businesses
– appears on Upcoming Events Guide on Visit Fylde Coast (all other websites point to this single calendar)
– appears in the events listing on the enews for the week of the event
– include photos, text, graphics, weblink, contact details etc
– no limit to duration of listing
– Facebook event and sharing included
– post to Twitter included


“I’m amazed at the amount of up to date information you have on your sites.”

FREE Community Group Event Listing

– for community groups without staff/resources (the criteria is the type of group advertising it, not that it’s a free event)
– FREE listing in Upcoming Events Calendar
– (charge applies to commercial listings)

Register your event here

“In case you are not signed up to the Visit Fylde Coast newsletter there is always an amazing amount of quality information. Extremely informative stuff and massive praise to the team for compiling and sharing the information.” Central Blackpool Business Forum

Enhanced Community Event Listing – £20 (+vat)

Find our Events Calendar here

20% discount on our normal commercial rate.

Suitable for:

  • Organisations which qualify for a FREE community group event listing but would like more support with promotion, and
  • A reduced rate for registered charities which don’t qualify for free promotion

– exactly the same benefits as the normal Event Listing
– gives enhanced promotion of your event


“I am finding your [Chrissie’s] blog and the Fylde coast one really useful to get a flavour of the area.”

Competition – £45 (+vat)

– appears in Competitions section on all VFC* websites
– include photos, text, graphics, weblink, contact details etc
– maximum duration one month
– promoted widely online
– you to provide the prize


Advertorial Page – £35 + vat

– one page of written content, on one website
– include photos, text, graphics, weblink, contact details
– landing page link on that site at time of publication
– includes one post on Facebook and Twitter
– runs online for one month


“I always enjoy reading Visit Fylde Coast, and all its variations!”

Add a Newsletter Entry – £25 (+vat)

Our newsletter is a primary experience in itself. It’s a powerful way to distribute news, reach people and engage with readers.

Due to space restrictions this option is only available when you advertise with Visit Fylde Coast with a website advert (any type). Your newsletter entry is linked back to your advert on Visit Fylde Coast.

“I signed up for the enews ages ago and it is packed full of interesting info. about what’s going on in the Fylde as well as St Annes. I really enjoy reading about the Community.”

Outreach and Engagement

Do you need to talk to the public, share a project, carry out consultation, engagement or similar? We can provide you with a platform from which to do it – and the audience to talk to.

We’ve got extensive experience in social engagement, involvement and participation. We can provide project management, tangible and online support to your organisation or project.

Just get in touch for a chat.

Get in touch for any more details –

Just email or ring 07932 143431


  • “So far this year we have been given three Desktops, a laptop, a netbook and more to collect today! I can only put it down to your coverage. I’m beginning to think that you have the greatest penetration of all the media locally – and the fastest responses. You should tell your clients!”
    Dave Carlos is the former editor of the Home Computing Weekly magazine, and wrote for a dozen other titles. Now retired he runs the Community Computer Clinic who we frequently help out. (7.1.15)

“in short ..miles better than most websites of this nature has a nice light, non corporate touch ..more power to your elbow”
Wayne Hemmingway MBE

  • ‘Being at the heart of the local community for the last 12 years, we naturally take our direct marketing campaigns very seriously. Value for money, coupled with broad readership numbers is a commodity which can be difficult to find using some of the local media outlets currently available.
    ‘After an initial discussion with Jane, promoting with the Visit Cleveleys/Poulton website was a no brainer. The hard work that goes into keeping all the local sites fresh and news worthy with mounting hit numbers was immediately obvious, making our decision to be involved an easy one.
    ‘I would highly recommend the visit Poulton/Cleveleys and Fleetwood advertising package as a good way of promoting to both local and far reaching audiences and wish it every success for the future.’
    Mike Sanderson, Managing Director, Mike Sanderson Electricals

“Following the Breastfeeding Friendly initiative, an article and premises list was featured on the Visit Fleetwood website, which led to a greater awareness of the positive health benefits of breastfeeding being highlighted amongst local businesses.
“This has prompted many more new mothers to access the Visit Fleetwood website to view which premises they can visit, secure in the knowledge that they will not be asked to leave. Also local businesses have expressed an interest in participating in the scheme, and have approached us to ask if their business could also be added to the Breastfeeding Friendly premises list.
“The website has been most beneficial, in not only raising the profile of breastfeeding, but of highlighting the many diverse facilities available that are welcoming and accessible to young families.”
Dawn E Clifton, Public Health Improvement Coordinator (Children and Young People), Public Health Directorate, NHS North Lancashire

Refund Policy

Please note that we cannot offer refunds on any of the commissioned packages above once purchased and active on our systems. We may consider refunds on a case by case basis if it is deemed that we are not offering the services outlined in the package information, or prior to any package being set up. In any case you should submit your requests via one of the contact methods which are linked from the footer of all pages.

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