‘Visit Fylde Coast’ is a digital media product which celebrates this wonderful stretch of coastline and its hinterland.

What is it?

Interlinked websites, including
– Visit Fleetwood
– Visit Cleveleys
– Visit Poulton-le-Fylde
– Live Blackpool
– Visit St Annes
– Visit Lytham
– Visit Fylde Coast
– The Blackpool Illuminations

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All independently published by The Rabbit Patch Ltd.

What’s it all About?

Its about this wonderful bit of northwest coastline – and it’s for people who live here or love to visit!

Including Cleveleys, Poulton and Fleetwood in the north, life in Blackpool in the centre, and St Annes and Lytham in the south.

It’s where you’ll find interesting, current and topical pieces, for everyone who loves the Fylde Coast.

Explore the seafront, beaches and promenade. Look around the town centres and local shopping. Enjoy the parks and gardens.

We’ve got ‘Lifestyle’ items like shopping, cooking, gardening and house and home, ‘Wellbeing’ articles about health and social care and ‘Community’ news about the many active groups who make life so enjoyable in these parts.

Read Chrissies Blog here

Weather and webcams here

Events Calendar here

It’s not that far to travel from one end of the Fylde Coast to the other – it’s a short distance which makes it possible for all of the 330,000 people who are lucky enough to live here able to enjoy everything that’s on offer. Because these sites are all linked together you’ll easily be able to see what’s going on all across the patch.

These sites were conceived, created, published and are delivered to you by The Rabbit Patch Ltd, a family business based at Cleveleys.


Our mission is:

To share the wonders of this coast through a positive and enthusiastic product, with all the other like minded people out there.

Our Brand Values are:

Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, Transparency, Enthusiasm, Realism, Accuracy, Passion, Approachability, Innovation, Uniqueness, Unconventionality, Down-to-Earth, Reality

How to Contribute

We will publish information, news, stories, requests etc for community groups free of charge. 

Read ‘How to Contribute’

We also offer an enhanced promotional package for advertising community events. 

Unfortunately, business content must be paid for.


This product is funded by advertising revenue.

It costs a significant amount of money just to keep our servers running (because there’s a huge amount of content!) pay for domain names and security certificates – to make sure that our websites are secure.

On top of that it takes an enormous amount of time and effort to publish the Visit Fylde Coast product and deliver a continuous stream of information through webpages, social media pages and the email newsletter.

So you can see that the financial support which comes from our advertisers is crucial to its continuation and future development.

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Once upon a time, we lived in a hilly spot in Yorkshire…

In winter the sky looked dark, and we couldn’t see the sea.

Every which way we turned when we left the house was a hill, and winter seemed to drag on for ever. We could see a little glimmer of a red setting sun between the 50’ tall trees behind our house and dreamed of its rays hitting the west coast water.

Then one day we came for a day trip to this new place we’d found called Cleveleys – or Clev-e-leys as an old neighbour called it when he came on holiday to this little known and slightly exotic place in the 1950’s.

‘Shall we have a look in the estate agents at the end of the high street’ I famously said.

‘This would be perfect for you. It doesn’t have a kitchen or bathroom, but you can buy a bathroom suite for £100’ the estate agent said. Another long story, several months and a guardian angel (yes really) later, and we were ensconced in our very own building site, with no running water, heating or carpets.

Fast forward and we’ve got running water, radiators and curtains, and are well and truly in love with the place we’ve come to call home.

A place to fall in love with…

We love the lightness and the brightness, despite the endless wind, and the winters seem to pass in a flash, with bright open skies and sunsets and walks on the beach whatever the weather.

I’ve met some really great people, made truly good friends, been made to feel so very welcome, and feel so much at home. It’s made me feel better about my own old age when it comes. With no kids of my own the old age that my grandma had made me fearful for my own – but here there’s so much to do, so many groups, and so many nice people who’ll just help you out.

Where it all began…

So, having previously holidayed in Cornwall every year we can’t see the difference between Freeport marina and Falmouth harbour. So because we can, we build our first website ‘Visit Cleveleys’, to share what we love with everyone else and make everyone else see what we can see.

The rest is now history. Visit Cleveleys grew into the product which it is today, and became our life. 

Why do we do what we do? Because it’s a great place, with great people who we wanted to give a voice to, and we just love it all!

We love the daily chats on Facebook about all kinds of things from lost dogs, to high street shops and endless photos of sunsets. We love the things we’ve found out, the people we’ve interviewed and being involved behind the scenes of the tourism machine that makes this coast tick. We love finding interesting things out so that we can tell you!

Make this the year that you join in

Keep watching, reading and contributing – we have lots of plans and want you to come with us on our journey. We’ve got lots of ideas of our own, but yours are even more important to us.

More than anything, these sites are created for you to share, enjoy and contribute to. Please join in – send us your photos, comments, news, stories.

We’d prefer you to send an email (so that we don’t miss your message) but you can get in touch in any way that you prefer.

Email jane@theRabbitPatch.co.uk 

Live here or visit we love it

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