Community Photo Thread

Community Photo Thread

Have a look at photos that YOU’VE taken in our monthly Community Photo Thread

Each month we invite you to share your best photos taken anywhere on the Fylde Coast in the Community Photo Thread.

Just post yours in the comments section on the pinned post at the top of the Visit Fylde Coast Facebook page.

At the end of the month we’ll share the full thread on all of the VFC FB pages, and then start a new one.

We’ll also save all of the photos and create an album on the Visit Fylde Coast Facebook page at the end of the month. Sorry, but we can’t individually name photos in the album, but we will link the album back to the original FB post.


Try and make them current pictures. You’re very welcome to watermark your photos with your name, website address, social media name etc. Please keep the photo legible if you do so.

We’ll do this each month, and pin the post to the top of the Visit Fylde Coast page where it’s easy to find and contribute to.

We also reserve the right to use the photos that you post on our Visit Fylde Coast websites. If we do use yours online we will always credit you by name. Off you go, get posting!


December 2017

Link to December community photo thread here

November 2017

Link to November community photo thread here

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